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Inaugural Visit of the DFG

A visit to the laboratories was high on the list of Dr. Stefan Krückeberg. Together with his DFG-colleagues, Dr. Vera Stadelmann and Dr. Thomas Ebertshäuser, the program director paid an inaugural visit to the research cluster. This was a good opportunity for the CUI-team to present its research approaches, its concepts for the cooperation of different research groups, or its interdisciplinary graduate education – and first successes in the laboratory. The subsequent tour of the labs CFEL, ZOQ, REGAE, PETRA III and FLASH made clear what the project is all about: cutting-edge research that transcends the boundaries between disciplines and combines the expertise from chemistry, physics, biology and medicine to face the largest and most exciting challenges of modern science: observing the movement of the elementary particles of Nature, analyzing, and finally controlling them. As Professor Dwayne Miller puts it: “You can’t control what you can’t see.”

Professor Dwayne Miller explains the REGAE-Lab. Foto: CUI