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Bavarian TV-Team visits CUI

„And what is all this for?” It’s a typical question journalist Eva Klein asks. For non-scientists it is not always easy to understand what is going on in the CUI labs – end even more: why things are happening. But this is exactly what the editor and her cameraman,  Jens-Tibor Homm, are trying to picture. The team had come to Hamburg on behalf of the German TV station BR alpha to make a film of Universität Hamburg. The intention is to produce a series of short movies of eight to ten minutes for “Campus”, a TV- and Onlinemagazine, which portrays all German Universities that participated successfully in the Excellence Initiative. The portraits are meant to help high-school students and people who are interested in studying at a University in choosing an institution.

After an interview with Universität Hamburg President Dieter Lenzen and others, the team visited CUI in the afternoon. Professor Jochen Küpper had agreed upon opening his lab and answer all the questions together with PhD-students Nele Müller und Jens S. Kienitz. The film will be shown next year.


Preparations for the interview: journalist Eva Karl (left), cameraman Jens-Tibor Homm und Professor Jochen Küpper (right).

Fixing the microphone…


PhD student Jens S. Kienitz and…

PhD student Nele Müller demonstrate what they usually do in the lab.

Analyzing the results.