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Looking into the Laser Fridge

Dortje Schirok’s refrigerator contains some beverages, but in the centre there is a strawberry – surrounded by wafts of mist and “ice crystals”.

In her YouTube Video „Der Laserkühlschrank“ the CUI-coordinator at Light & Schools playfully and vividly explains the interaction of light and matter.

The film is Schirok’s contribution to the Web-Video-Contest „Fast Forward Science“, which Wissenschaft im Dialog and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft called out this year for the first time. The participants had to contribute an entertaining video with scientific contents via YouTube. The contest aims at motivating young scientists, researchers, and experts in scientific communication to use videos more often in conveying science – and to reach new target groups via  YouTube.

Schirok’s laser fridge competes with 90 other videos. The number of likes is quite important for succeeding: it is one out of four criteria for evaluation. View all contributions here.