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Public Interest in CUI

During the last few days, three different articles informed about CUI, the project as a whole and the research in the cluster:Foto=UHH-Schell___130627_CUI-190b3_04Mp_Labor_NeeleGrenda
  • In the article “Drehstart für einen Molekularfilm”, which appeared in  the new magazine of Universität Hamburg called 19NEUNZEHN, PhD Neele Grenda describes her decision to study physics and her interest in the research.
  • The Hamburger Abendblatt uses CUI’s participation in the “Knowledge Night” as an opportunity to introduce the research project as well as CUI’s activities during that night. The scientists hope to give people some understanding of and some insight into their work.
  • In the supplement “Universität Hamburg”, the “Hamburger Abendblatt” describes CUI’s three different research areas.