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Fellows of the American Physical Society

CUI scientists Prof. Robin Santra and Prof. Klaus Sengstock have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society (APS).

Prof. Dr. Robin Santra, Leitender Wissenschaftler in der Theoriegruppe am Center for Free-Electron-Laser Science CFELProf. Dr. Robin Santra, Leading Scientist in the Theory Group at the  Center for Free-Electron-Laser Science CFELRobin Santra is head of the theory group at the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science at DESY and physics professor at Universität Hamburg. He is awarded for his successful theoretical description of light-matter interactions, especially for processes involving X-ray laser light and inner-shell electrons in atoms and molecules. (Credit: DESY)

SengstockCUI spokesperson Klaus Sengstock is managing director of the Institute of Laser Physics (Universität Hamburg) and head of the Quantum Gases Group. He has been honored by the APS for his outstanding contributions to experimental studies of degenerate quantum gases especially in their application to quantum simulation.

With more than 50 000 members, the American Physical Society is the second largest physicists’ association worldwide, after Germany’s Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG). Scientists who made outstanding contributions to research or to important research and technology developments can be elected Fellows. Each year, only half of one per cent of the APS members receive this honour.