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10,000 Euro Award goes to MIN Equal Opportunity Team

CUI’s Equal Opportunity Officer Marie Lutz is excited: This year’s Women’s Advancement Award at Universität Hamburg is being bestowed upon the equal opportunity team in the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN).

Marie Lutz is part of the equal team which receives the award for establishing broad structural measures for advancing women – from recruiting female students to appointing female professors as well as institutionalizing and professionalizing equal opportunity within the faculty.


Marie Lutz is very excited about the award. The photo was taken during the kick-off event for the new mentoring program. Credit: Marta Meyer/DESY

The faculty’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Dr. Angelika Paschke-Kratzin, and Equal Opportunity Officer, Antje Newig, will receive the award in a festive ceremony on Tuesday, June 23, at 3 pm in Mittelweg 177 in place of their colleagues. The laudatory speech will be given by Prof. Dr. Ursula Platzer, former Equal Opportunity Commissioner of Universität Hamburg. Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost, vice president of Universität Hamburg, will present the certificate.

The €10,000 prize has been awarded annually since 1997 and recognizes outstanding, long-term commitment to the advancement of women at Universität Hamburg.

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