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Philipp Wessels receives Studienpreis

The German Körber Foundation has announced the most important dissertations in 2015: CUI scientist Dr. Philipp Wessels receives a second prize of the Deutsche Studienpreis for his dissertation: “Livebilder aus dem Nanokosmos – Ultraschnelle Magnetisierungsprozesse kleinster Strukturen in Slow Motion”.

Dr. Philipp Wessels

Dr. Philipp Wessels in the Center for Optical Quantum Technologies (Universität Hamburg). Credit: DESY

Each year the Körber Foundation awards the Deutsche Studienpreis to excellent dissertations that are of high significance for society. In 2015 the following topics from social sciences, natural and technical sciences as well as culture and humanities receive first prizes: “Das Internet im Kriegsarsenal moderner Diktatoren”, “Mitwachsende Herzklappe”, “Klinikchefs haften bei Kunstfehlern”.  In addition, the Körber Foundation awards two second prizes in each field.

The Deutsche Studienpreis is being awarded to scientists who have just obtained their PhD with magna or summa cum laude from a German University or as a German from a foreign university.

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