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Lab tour for senior citizens

How does a laser work? What is a photon? How do atoms induce light? With great interest a group of 20 senior citizens has looked into physical questions. For 1.5 hours CUI member Dr. Philipp Wessels gave insight into the research at the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies (ZOQ). After a lecture about the basics of top level research, the group enjoyed a tour of the laser labs.


With great interest the seniors followed the lecture

The visit was part of a comprehensive program offered by the Begegnungscentrum Haus im Park der Körber-Stiftung. The cultural and educational center offers more than 500 activities each year, addressing especially older people and giving them a chance to exchange experiences and to get ahead. A substantial part of the program is supported by voluntary seniors: Beate Braubach for example accompanied the group as a voluntary helper in the “Begegnungscentrum für die Generation 55+”.

During the lab tour Philipp Wessels was supported by Niclas Luick, PhD student in the group of Professor Henning Moritz, and master’s student Keno Riechers.


Dr. Philipp Wessels (right) guided the group through the laser labs in ZOQ. Credits: Bastian Hundt