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First Science Day on the Campus Lehre of University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

„With the Science Day we want to create more visibility for science, research and researchers, because we´re not only a seaport and industrial city, but also a University and science city. This is what we want to show today“. With these words Hamburg’s Science Senator Katharina Fegebank opened the first Science Day which was dedicated to life sciences. More than 50 activities from over 18 institutions awaited the guests on the Campus of University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Besucher am Stand

CUI scientist Prof. Henning Tidow presented protein crystals and explained protein structures.

CUI scientists Dr. Markus Perbandt and Prof. Henning Tidow and their research groups presented a selection of protein models. Moreover, the visitors were invited to visualize the exact position of a molecule bound to a protein at the computer. “We had a lot of interested visitors at our stand. Especially the children were very curious and fascinated by the colorful crystals. Many guests were impressed by the diversity of the research within CUI and our research partner Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron”, Henning Tidow says.


The protein model.

The Life Science Day was prompted by this year´s awarding of the Körber-Prize to Dutch stemcell researcher Hans Clevers. With the event the Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities wants to bring the broad spectrum of research activities closer to the Hamburg citizens – in supplement of the “Night of Science” which takes place every two years.

In front of the Campus Lehre, Tim Berendonk of the science NDR TV Show “plietsch”  explained, if for example dust explodes and how nitrogen ice cream tastes:,hamj50404.html

All photos: CUI.