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Henry Chapman receives “Röntgenplakette”

In honor of his pioneering research on the application of X-ray lasers for determining the structure of biological macromolecules, Prof. Henry N. Chapman will be honored with the “Röntgenplakette” by the city of Remscheidt, an annual award since 1951.

CUI member Prof. Henry Chapman (Universität Hamburg, DESY) is head of the Coherent Imaging Group at CFEL. Credit: DESY

The prize ceremony takes place within the Röntgenwoche 2017 (X-ray week 2017) on Saturday, 8 April, at 11 am in the Minoritensaal, Kulturzentrum Klosterkirche, Klostergasse 8, 42897 Remscheid. ( The laudatory speech will be given by the chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, Prof. Helmut Dosch. The reception after the ceremony is open to the public. Guests are explicitly welcome.

Further informationen: Pressemeldung der Stadt Remscheidt