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Visitor record at the Night of Knowledge

The 7th Night of Knowledge respectively the DESY DAY 2017 ended with a record of more than 20,000 visitors on Campus Bahrenfeld. More than 10,000 young and old found their way to the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, where CUI presented several acitivities. Building 61, where the CUI office is normally located, transformed into an “Escape Room”, organized by the school lab “Light & Schools”. ZOQ (Center for Optical Quantum Technologies) and ILP (Institute of Laser Physics) offered a broad program on laser topics from insights into the laboratories, experimental and crafting posts through to scientific lectures.

„What is the sound of crystallography?”  The sound installation Unit Cell makes it possible to perceive research orally. ©All photos: CUI, Bente Stachowske.

The program „Interactive 3D viewer” offered by the team around CUI Professor Arwen Pearson visualized proteins.

The Perbandt group also put proteins in the spotlight.  Young and old visitors built models of proteins on a 3D-capable computer.

„Splash!” A balloon filled with water burst over the boy’s head and was filmed by the Drescher group with a high-speed camera.

Visitors could once more admire the exhibition “Arts & Science”, which was first displayed in Hamburg´s Town Hall and now led the visitors in CFEL from first to third floor.

Similar to the exhibition in Town Hall, “Arts & Science” again fascinated many people.

For the first time the school laboratory “Light & Schools” of Universität Hamburg presented an „Escape Room“ – with great success! For leaving the room, it was necessary to solve a series of tricky puzzles and experiments. This highly concentrated visitor tried the “hot wire”.

The hologram on glas revealed a letter from the Escape Room’s password.

Various experiments about light attracted young and old visitors in the laboratories of ZOQ and ILP. This young scientist built her own  spectrograph.

The principle of a laser personally experienced.

Attentive kids in the electronic workshop in ILP.

CUI postdoc Philipp Wessels led the visitors in ZOQ on a “Journey to the absolute zero”, amongst others.