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Award for school project

CUI’s „Light & Schools“ team is feeling great joy: a project at Gymnasium Corveystraße, which was developed together with the school lab, has been awarded by the Claussen-Simon-Stiftung in the „Unseren Schulen“ competition. The collaborative project “Psst.Geheim!?” at Gymnasium Corveystraße is to receive 33,000 Euro.

„Light & Schools“ will support Gymnasium Corveystraße for the entire period of the project, says Bastian Besner, who is one of the coordinators of the school lab. Credit: private

The Claussen-Simon-Stiftung initiated the program “Unseren Schulen” to support schools’ initiatives in Hamburg, that focus on interdisciplinary, cooperative and innovative learning. What is exceptional about the annual competition is, that students can actively help shaping the projects.

„We have been cooperating with Gymnasium Corveystraße for quite some time and we will now support the school technically and scientifically for the entire period of the project,“ says Bastian Besner, who is a coordinator at „Light & Schools“. Text: CUI

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