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The foundations are laid

The school lab „Light & Schools“ will get its own building: the foundations for the „HAUS DER LEHRE – LIGHT & SCHOOLS“ were laid last week. The new building will broaden Universität Hamburg’s presence on Campus Bahrenfeld. The one-storey, multifunctional and transparent building close to the Institute of Laser Physics and the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies will be completed in the beginning of 2019.

Ground breaking ceremony for a special building (from left): Prof. Erika Garutti, architect Markus Hammes, Prof. Klaus Sengstock, Carsten Happel (Head of Construction Management, Universität Hamburg), President of Universität Hamburg Prof. Dieter Lenzen and two construction workers. Credit: UHH/Dingler

The school lab “Light & Schools”, which is partly financed by CUI, and the Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum (advanced training of students) will together find a new home in the building.

200 people joined the ground breaking ceremony and had a glimpse at the plans of the transparent new building. Credit: UHH/Dengler

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