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Family and Work Life Balance

Balancing family responsibilities with a career in science is a main objective of Equal Opportunity. It affects all genders and can only be achieved if everybody contributes to a family friendly athmosphere in science.

CUI supports information, discussions and networking on the topic of parental leave and work life balance at the annual event

CUI offers financial support and advice for

If urgent situations require to bring the child along to work, Campus Bahrenfeld offers the

Family responsibility may also include care of relatives – CUI focusses on this topic at a Hamburg-wide cooperation with an extra information event (in german).

Family responsibilities demand high flexibility, an alternative workstation and alternative working hours models. In certain cases Universität Hamburg supports employees in establishing a telework station (information and contact can be found at the employees’ portal service area, telework station) or  with the application for part-time employment (information and contact at the employees’ portal service area, part-time)

Universität Hamburg App with additional service for families on campus