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Louise Johnson Fellowship

The Louise Johnson Fellowship includes a position as Research Associate for one year (with an option for prolongation for a second year) for a female postdoctoral research associate performing research in one of CUI’s Louise Johnson research groups.

The renowned professor of Molecular Biophysics and pioneer of protein crystallography, Louise Johnson (University of Oxford), had an international role in advising on the exploitation of synchrotron radiation for biological research. She was fascinated by CUI’s interdisciplinary research program and joined CUI to support us as an international collaborator. Before she could do so, Professor Dame Louise Johnson passed away in September 2012.

List of respective research groups

Prof. Adrian Cavalieri, Prof. Ulrike Frühling, Prof. Christian Klinke, Dr. Christian KränkelProf. Holger Lange, Prof. Ludwig Mathey, Prof. Henning Tidow, Prof. Martin Trebbin

Requirement for an application is a university degree in a relevant subject plus doctorate. Application dossiers should include application/motivation letter with clear indication of the research-group applied for (Group Leader), curriculum vitae, list of publications, copies of degree certificate(s) and two letters of recommendation.

The call for applications is now open. Deadline for application is May 22, 2017.

Please send your application to

Previous Awardees

2016 – Dr. Rashmi Singla

2015 – Dr. Antonia Karamatskou and Dr. Diana Monteiro

Additional information: Two outstanding candidates receive Louise Johnson Fellowship

2014 – Dr. Amanda Steber

Additional information: In an interview with Dr. Melanie Schnell first Louise Johnson Awardee Dr. Amanda Steber describes what the fellowship means to her: CUI-News No. 3, Interview Amanda Steber