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Campus map

How to reach DESY and the Campus Bahrenfeld

To Hamburg Altona station – Continue by taxi, travelling time approx. 15-20 min.
Or continue by bus line 1 (direction Schenefelder Holt) directly to the main entrance of DESY (bus stop Zum Hünengrab/DESY), travelling time approx. 25 min.
Or continue by S-Bahn (local city train) line S1 or S11 (direction Blankenese/Wedel) to Othmarschen. Then go on with bus line 1 (direction Schenefelder Holt). On foot: leave the city train station at the Waitzstrasse exit, turn right at the bottom of the stairs, turn left onto Waitzstraße, right onto Groß Flottbeker Straße and follow that road directly to DESY, walking time approx. 25 min.

By plane

From the Hamburg airport Fuhlsbüttel – Continue by taxi, travelling time approx. 30-45 min.
Or continue with city train line S1 (direction Blankenese/Wedel) to Othmarschen station. Then go on with bus line 1 (direction Schenefelder Holt) to the main entrance of DESY (bus stop Zum Hünengrab/DESY).

By car

Exit the Autobahn (A7) at HH-Bahrenfeld. Arriving in Hamburg from the South: turn left onto the main road (Osdorfer Landstraße). Arriving in Hamburg from the North: turn right onto the main road (Osdorfer Landstraße). Then continue on that road until you see the sign for DESY, there turn right onto Notkestraße. The main entrance of DESY is the second road on the left.

Public transport

For details on the public transport system see www.HVV.de. An overview over the transport network can be found here. The closest S-train station is Othmarschen on the city train line S1 and S11, from there you take bus line 1 or walk (approx. 25 minutes). There are several kinds of tickets available. See www.hvv.de/en/tickets for details.

Visitor Information

Practical Guide for visiting researchers: http://www.min.uni-hamburg.de/forschung/PracticalGuideVR_e.html
International Office – http://guest-services.desy.de/international_office/index_eng.html
Hostel – http://guest-services.desy.de/hostel_in_hamburg/index_eng.html
Housing Service – http://guest-services.desy.de/housing/index_eng.html
Cashpoint on Campus in bdg. 9 – http://www.degussa-bank.de/de/media/desy_hamburg/Pager_englisch_DESY.pdf

Visitors with children

If you require special arrangements when travelling with children, please contact us directly. See Gender Equality Measures at the CUI for some more information.
There are parent child offices available in bdg. 6 and bdg. 67, room 111.


For conference participants the wireless network DESY-Guest is available. This option requires you to fill out a Web form on our portal server and register your mobile device (e.g. notebook or PDA). Note that the DESY-Guest WLAN is unencrypted. That means, for transferring sensitive data (e.g. passwords) secure protocols are mandatory (e.g. SSH and VPN).
For guests, whose home institutes are participating in the project eduroam, we offer this wireless guest network connection. For registered user this is a quick and easy way to obtain a secure access to the Internet without any further registration.
If you need technical support, you may call UCO (user consulting office) under the local number 5005, uco@desy.de or visit them in building 2b room 131d.


There are printers available which can be accessed from the guest network. For a comprehensive list of printers and detailed guides on the necessary configuration please refer to the printing guide.

Cafés & Restaurants

on campus: DESY canteen / (bdg. 9), CFEL Café (bdg. 99), vending machines in bdg.1b, 1e, 3, 25f, 30b, 47c, 48e, 99

Mercure Hotel am Volkspark, Albert-Einstein-Ring 2
Restaurant Mahlzeit, Albert-Einstein-Ring 8
Cafe Stan’s, Bertrand-Russell-Straße 4
Restaurant Samarkand, Notkestraße 2
L’incontro – Il Bistro, Ebertallee 232
Arena Imbiss, Luruper Chaussee 141
Hansebäcker Junge, Osdorfer Weg 106
Restaurant Die Bäckerei, Osdorfer Landstraße 4


Hamburg tourism – www.hamburgtourism.de/en
DESY is offering guided tours – http://www.desy.de/about_desy/visiting_desy/hamburg/index_eng.html