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CUI Graduate Days: research, communication, networks

How can you control molecular processes optimally?  How can research results be communicated successfully? How can I build an effective network? The fifth CUI Graduate Days from 19 to 22 March 2018 on Campus Bahrenfeld concentrated on the current research in photon and nanoscience and, at the same time, picked up important career development topics. For the first time, the team of speakers consisted of men and women in equal parts.

After her industry talk, Dr. Alina Chanaewa from Skytree spent 90 minutes to answer questions. Credit: UHH, RRZ/MCC Mentz

This year the program again covered four days, with the first three days reserved exclusively for science. “The Graduate Days are an important event in our teaching program. I am therefore very happy that we succeeded in bringing high-ranking national and international scientists to Hamburg, who on top turned out quite entertaining. I am especially pleased about the high number of outstanding female speakers,” Dr. Antonio Negretti says, who has organized the Graduate Days as CUI’s Graduate School Coordinator. The speakers were

  • Regina de Vivie-Riedle, Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München, Munich, Germany
  • Constanze Lamprecht, University of Freiburg and Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials, Freiburg, Germany
  • Anders Nilsson and Dr. Foivos Perakis, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Marcello Dalmonte, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Triest, Italy
  • Hanne Mørck Nielsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Alexander Eychmüller, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

In addition to the courses, Prof. Hendrik Dietz from Technische Universität München gave a scientific colloquium covering “Molecular systems engineering with DNA”. The industry event was concerned with “Out of thin air: Dr. Alina Chanaewa from Skytree in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a spin-off of the European Space Agency (ESA), gave insights into her work. Apparently, this was so fascinating that she spent 90 minutes answering the students’ questions.

The fourth day was reserved for soft skill courses. Bernd Klein from Bodenseo in Singen offered an advanced Python seminar. Rob Thomson explained how to access the hidden job market. “Like it or not, the world works on personal connections and you need to be able to form those connections easily,” says the owner of RTTA, soft skills for real results, a Frankfurt based training company. Berlin physicist and science communicator Dr. André Lampe committed the students to effective communication depending on their target groups. “It is important to note, that the reason for different approaches is not the varying level of knowledge of those groups, but their intrinsic interest.” Text: CUI